Swiss Crown USA News-March 2021

Recently, I attended a watch buying show. After two days my takeaway is pre-owned Rolex pricing is at an all-time crazy high, dealers are holding firm on their sell cost for now, this is especially true on all Rolex sport models. For example: MSRP for a NEW stainless steel Sky Dweller is $14,800, preowned if you can find this watch with a blue dial pricing is somewhere around $26,000. Prices for preowned Datejust models increased 20% to 30% over the past 6-8 months.

The good news for retailers that own Rolex inventory…the value of your Rolex watches in your showcases has gone up considerably. The question becomes do you increase your sale prices on your existing preowned Rolex? The answer is YES immediately. Why, because as you sell your Rolex watches you will have to replace these watches at the higher buy cost.

With worldwide travel being restricted along with strong business economy in Asia, less watches are flowing into the US market. Fortunately, Swiss Crown is in a solid inventory position and we are ready to help you and your customers.

-Scott Freberg

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