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Swiss Crown October Insight

As a company, we receive calls from consumers asking us if they can sell us their Rolex watch or if they can buy directly from Swiss Crown. Our policy from day 1 has been that we don’t buy from or sell Swiss Crown watches direct to the public. Instead, we give them a store location that carry our watch brand.

Since we started SCUSA, we’ve been very careful who we associate our company with. One of our companies’ strengths is the strong partnerships that we’ve developed with our watch suppliers, the watch shops, our diamond bezel and diamond dial suppliers as well as our watch link dealers. Our suppliers know the high-quality standards that we’ve come to expect. Why send us a watch with a bad bracelet or the wrong watch part if you know the watch will not pass our quality control? This just cost both companies time and money.

If you’re a retailer looking to buy preowned Rolex watches, the two questions you need to ask your preowned Rolex supplier is how many watch shops are they currently working with and what does their watch warranty cover? Please keep in mind, a good Certified CW21 watch maker can overhaul, polish and test approx. 3-4 pre-owned Rolex watches per day. It’s not easy finding quality watchmakers, unfortunately it’s a slowly dwindling profession

Please spend the time and effort meeting with your preowned Rolex supplier. If you can, visit their corporate office, understand what you can expect if you add preowned Rolex watches to your store. This includes marketing materials, in case displays, instore staff training and customer service. Rolex is the brand that can help you move the sales needle in your store.

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