November 2021 Update

November 2021

Every couple of weeks I like to visit Authorized Rolex dealerships, they’ll have a security guard at the door, a sales associate or two in the store with just a handful of Rolex watches displayed in their store showcases. Most of these Rolex watches are dummies (no movements), they’re not for sale, only for show. I’ll make my Rolex watch request with the sales associate which the store does not have available, my name and my watch request are then added to a waitlist.

The high demand for pre-owned Rolex worldwide continues. Shortage of watches in the marketplace plus the high demand equals higher prices. As I’ve mentioned in previous news updates, raise your instore pricing. NEW and even preowned Rolex watches are being sold higher and in many cases are being sold at prices far higher than Rolex MSRP. If you have quality pre owned Rolex watches in your store use this to your advantage.

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