March 2020 News

We're heading into March Madness!

Here's what's happening at Swiss Crown USA.

Rolex didn't advertise or make a big announcement, but quietly they had their first price increase in the USA since 2012. Across the board, this increase averages around 3.4%.

The good news is, Rolex Datejust models price increase is closer to 7%.

With the Coronavirus outbreak in China, all watches coming from the Asian market - specifically from Hong Kong - have been increasingly difficult to acquire. Because we're in a supply and demand business, dealers from Europe, Japan, South Korea, and the USA have used this as an opportunity to try and raise their prices. Rolex sport models remain in high demand worldwide which forced Swiss Crown USA to have a modest price increase effective 2/1/2020 on our Rolex sport models (which you should already be aware of).

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