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The following discusses issues regarding the diamonds in your pre-owned Rolex certified by Swiss Crown USA.


Diamond Quality


Swiss Crown USA was founded by a third generation jeweler who is a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America. The overall, average grade of the diamonds in your Pre-owned Rolex Certified by Swiss Crown are of G – H color and VS clarity. 


Conflict Diamonds


In 2003 the World Diamond Council and 85 governments around the world founded the Kimberley Process (KP) to insure that diamonds from conflict zones are not used in international trade.  Swiss Crown USA follows the KP and only deals with suppliers who abide by the KP.  Our diamond suppliers are required to verify that that they only use diamonds from sources that are compliant with the KP compliant process.


You can learn more about the Kimberley Process here:



Russian Diamonds


Historically Russia provided about 30% of the raw diamonds mined in the world.  Many customers are now concerned about purchasing diamonds from Russia.  We have notified our vendors that, as with the Kimberley Process, we will not accept diamonds that have been sourced from Russia since the invasion of Ukraine and our vendors are in unanimous agreement.



Lab Grown Diamonds


Over the last decade the technology to create gem quality diamonds in the laboratory has grown exponentially.  Swiss Crown uses a five step process to verify the authenticity of the pre-owned Rolex that we sell and this five step process includes keeping lab created diamonds out of our supply chain. 


Methods that we use to screen out lab created diamonds include buying from only the most trusted vendors and statistically sampling diamonds during the quality control process.  Your diamond bezel may, depending on the model, contain 40 to 54 diamonds and a diamond dial has up to 12 diamonds.  Swiss Crown makes every effort to keep lab created diamonds out of Swiss Crown Pre-owned Rolex’s.  However, even with this level of testing by our suppliers and shops there is no 100% certainty is not possible.  Should any Swiss Crown Pre-owned Rolex be determined to contain a lab created diamond we will replace it at no charge. 



Our Warranty


We stand behind the product we sell.  If, despite our best efforts, any Swiss Crown Certified Pre-owned Rolex that we sold is determined to have either a lab created diamond, diamonds not compliant with the Kimberley Process or have been sourced from Russia after February 24, 2022 we will refund your purchase price in full.

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